How we do it...We put you in control

Software creation can be a complicated process if not done correctly from the beginning. We know from experience that the key to a successful software project is communication, flexibility and thorough analysis.

That is why we adopted the agile approach to developing software and web-based applications.

This methodology begins with a meeting where we learn everything about our customer, their business process and how it works for our customer's success.

Our expert business analysts scrutinize and understand specific details about the project until a clear picture emerges. We then document the project so everyone involved "buys in" on what needs to be accomplished.

Our development process takes the solution and breaks it down into smaller processes. When possible, these modules are delivered to the client as they are developed for their review.

This means our customers are constantly in the loop of their software AS it is being developed, thus saving costly development time and resources.

We accept that circumstances change and new issues arise. While we must work with a solid plan, we build flexibility in the development process so the project can evolve and grow as changes occur.
The benefit of this approach is that we do not bind you to a rigid specification, but work together to accomplish your business objectives. Our experience has proven that this leads to a rounded solution that solves the problem just as our customer envisioned it.

We favor this open method as it keeps everyone focused on the end-goal, avoids surprises and ensures that a high quality software solution is produced that meet your needs, and exceed your expectations.